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Centrifuge Tube&Micro Tube


Centrifuge Tube

Centrifugal strength:Up to 20000G (High strength model).

Broad operating temperature range.
Suitable for autoclave and deep freeze.

Screw Cap The screw cap surely closes at a small number of revolutions and it is excellent in sealing property and operability.


Material :

(Body) Polypropylene
(Cap)High density polyethylene
Centrifugal strength: Upto 20000G
Size: 15mL / Ø17×118mm
50mL / Ø30×114mm
Operating Temperature: -80~+121℃

Electron beam sterilized
Writing space (Upper side of cap & tube side wall)

Cat. No Specification Volume (mL) Q'ty
Centrifuge Tube 00-ETS-CT-15 Bulk tube
15 400pcs(50pics×8bags)
00-ETS-CT-50 50 200pcs(20pics×10bags)

Micro Tube

Reducing contamination during one hand operation

The 1.5-mL type is a flat bottomed design that facilitates aspiration of liquid after centrifugation; easier sample access lowers the risk of contamination.



Centrifugal strength: Upto 20000G
Scale: 1.5 mL type / 0.1・0.5・1.0・1.5mL
2.0 mL type / 0.5・1.0・1.5・2.0mL
(excluding cap):
1.5 mL / 35.5mm
2.0 mL / 39.8mm
Max. Shell diameter: Approx. Ø10.8mm

Writing space (Upper side of cap & Tube side wall)

Lock mechanism Cap is not easily opened by vibration/boiling etc.
Cat. No Specification Volume (mL) Q'ty
Micro Tube 00-ETS-MC-15 Bulk tube 1.5 1,000pcs
00-ETS-MC-20 2.0 1,000pcs