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Q. I wish to know the price and AC/CV for products.

A. Please look at Products Nichipet EX Ⅱ.

Q. Can the pipette be used with organic solvent?

A. The normal O-ring which is usually installed in the pipette can be resistent of some organic solvents, but it may expand depening on solvent you are using. In case that you are frequent user for organic solvent, value-added Nichipet EX Plus Ⅱ will be recommened. Please contact Nichiryo for chemical compatibility since there is such solvent as N-methylpyrrolidone which cannot be used. In case that you are using volatile liquid, the pipette mechanism will allow air come in, thus causing pressure going up and may lead to the leakage.

Q. What is the material of plunger?

A. Stainless for NPX2-2,10,20 and 100. Ceramic for NPX2-200,1000,5000 and 10mL.

Q. How about the chemical resistance for pipettes without ceramic plungers?

A. SUS316 stainless plunger are used. Nichipet EX Plus Ⅱ will be recommended for frequent users for organic solvent.

Q. Can non-nichiryo-made tips be used?

A. To maximize the pipette performance of AC/CV, Nichiryo-made tips will be recommended. But you can stil use other tips than Nichiryo. Please see below.

  NPX2-2 NPX2-10 NPX2-20 NPX2-100 NPX2-200 NPX2-1000 NPX2-5000 NPX2-10mL
GILSON × × × × ×
Eppendorf × ×
Quality × ×
Q. Is there no risk of trapping gloves?

A. Digital pipettes with push button have no risk of trapping gloves.

Q. Can the pipette be cleaned with alcohol?

A. No problem.

Q. Does the volume once set up drift?

A. The locking system will not allow the drifting.

Q. Does oversucking into the inside of the pipettes happen?

A. Larger volume pipettes have filters to avoid the oversucking. Pipettes below 200UL are less likely to oversuck.

Q. I wish to know the price for replaceable spare parts like nozze cylinder.

A. Please see the list of replaceable spare parts.

Q. Tip cannot be ejected out. Is this defect?

A. Nozzle cylinder may be loose. Please read User Manual enclosed and tighten the nozzle.

Q. The pipette cannot suck the liquid. The pipettes cannot dispense the volume.

A. The nozzle cylinder may be loose, so please tighten it. O-ring/Seal ring may also be exhausted. Please see filters in pipetttes over 1000ul. In case that filters are wet , please change this into new one. Defects due to other reasons than the abobe mentioned two things will be reapaired in Nichiryo workshop.