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Since its founding in 1944, Nichiryo has manufactured Micropipettes to Fully Automated Dispensing & Dilution Systems as a specialized manufacturer of liquid handling products. We also fulfill custom-made orders and OEM products at our customers’ requests.

Nichiryo’s liquid handling technology meets the needs of customers all over the world in a variety of fields, from basic research in life science and biotechnology to clinical testing.


A pipette is a laboratory instrument used to measure out or transfer small quantities of liquid, in volumes of milliliters (mL), microliters (μL).

Micropipettes (unit / μL)

Micropipettes can measure liquid in microliters (μL), and are most commonly used in research and analysis.

<Main features>
Autoclavable (121°C for 20 min.) / UV Resistant / Organic Solvent Resistant

Special Purpose Pipettes

These pipettes are designed for specific applications, such as glass tip Micropipettes which are suitable for environmental hormone analysis, and large volume ultra-macropipettes that have the ability to dispense in 50 milliliter volume.

Special Order Items・
OEM Products

We can manufacture custom-made pipettes tailored to each customer’s needs. We also accept customization of existing / stock pipettes.


A dispenser is a laboratory instrument used (mainly in mL) to continuously measure and dispense a fixed amount of liquid.

Benchtop Compact-Size
General Purpose Equipment

Laboratory instruments that can be used on desktop and benchtop. Flush Centrifuge, Block Incubator, and other products are avairable.

Automated Dispensers

By automating repetitive dispensing work of the micropipette with a machine, more efficient operation and time reduction are achieved. It also reduces the risk of human errors and contamination.

Consumable Items,

Consumables such as Micropipette Tips, Reservoirs, and Stands for the Micropipette.

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Europe, Africa, Mid East