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Business Outline


We develop new product and global network based on cutting-edge user needs.

Today's fields of science and technology require change, speed and advancement, and so we support the research by manufacturing innovative instruments. We are able to design and offer new products to meet the utmost requirements of our users' needs by,

cooperating with research facilities at distinguished universities and institutions,

gathering information from distribution channels around the world, and

positively and actively taking part in academic meetings and trade shows.

It is also our challenge to customize new products to meet our clients' needs. We continually provide new information to the market place.

Marketing Meeting Exhibition in Japan Exhibition in Overseas
Marketing Meeting Exhibition in Japan Exhibition in Overseas


We cover broad product range of life science device for reseachers from pipettes to robotic systems.

In 1944, we began to manufacture glassware used as measuring devices. In 1967, in collaboration with Dr.Grunbaum of California University, we developed the Dispenser, the first of our liquid-handling instruments. Since then, we have conducted innovative research and closely monitored various changes in the fields of life science and technology. This has prompted us to the further development of products such as pipettes, as well as semi-and fully-automated workstations. We continue to develop new products of the highest quality and reliability for our customers.


Sophisticated quality control and quick service system

Our company aims to contribute to society in general by offering to maintain our quality assurance system to the high level for our products and services that satisfies users. To that end, we are accredited with ISO 9001 certification as well as with medical device manufacturing license.

At our facility, Scimec CO., LTD., we are proud of our "super express" repair services performed by our skilled technicians. Within Japan, we repair products the day we receive them and return them to the user the following day. Highest levels of maintenance are guaranteed.

Calibration Repair and Inspection Repair and Inspection
Calibration Repair and Inspection Repair and Inspection


Nichiryo barand spreads many fields of lab scenes in the world.

We deliver Nichiryo products to customers through 200 distributors in Japan and 72 distributors worldwide. In order to get many clients as possible familiar with our products, we advertise in many different forms. We not only advertise in newspapers, magazines, trade shows and direct mailing of catalogs, but also provide frequently updated information on the Internet. On the new century, Nichiryo brand has been acquiring the confidence of many users throughout the world.

Head Office &  Factory Assembly&Delivery Center Nichiryo America Inc.
Head Office & Factory Assembly&Delivery Center Nichiryo America Inc.