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Cat. No Description
00-NSP-7000R Sliding work stage, 220ul × 12ch nozzle head, plate mixer
Dimension 300mm(W) x 645mm(D) x 585mm (H)
Dimension to Install 300mm(W) x 810mm(D) x 585mm (H)
Weight Approx. 42kg
Usable tips NICHIRYO HT-FSR for robotic system (racked)
Usable microplates SBS standard 96 well or 384 well.
( for deep-well plate or mini-tube plate, please contact us)
Nozzle head 220μL×12ch
Sampling volume
(warranty range)
(Setting is available from 1ul)
Accuracy and CV ±2.8% AC, ≦2.8% CV at 10μL
±0.8% AC, ≦0.8% CV at 220μL
Working stage 3 positions :Tip rack, Reservoir (30ml×4 containers), Microplate
Liquid surface sensing N/A
Dispensing speed 1 microplate dispensing 100μL with 12ch head - approx. 45 sec.
Microplate mixer Built-in working stage
Power source AC 100 - 120V or AC 200 - 240V 50/60Hz 100VA (100V)

※Specification is subject to change without notice.

Tip for robot system

Cat. No Description Volume Contents
00-HT-FS Bulk tip for robotic system 10~220μL 1000
00-HT-FSR Racked tip for robotic system 10~220μL 960
00-HT-FSRB Racked tip for robotic system (sterilized) 10~220μL 960
00-NSP-RSV 4 tray reservoir 30mL×4 4
00-NSP-RSV-NF Tray for reservoir 30mL×4 4
00-NSP-RSV80 Large volume reservoir (without frame) 80mL 50

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