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Fully Automated Dispensing Dilution System NSP-7000 Ⅳ

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Best automated dispensing dilution system for 96 or 384 well microplates.
Compact model with the touch panel does not require PC connection when operated.

Meet the various dispensing needs such as condensation methods and ELISA.

  • Stage accessories can be used both 8ch and 12ch way.
  • The multi-channel nozzle head is interchangeable. The standard accessory is 200uL/12ch nozzle unit and other heads such as 30uL/12ch, 300uL/12ch and 1000uL/12ch are option.
  • Can be dispensed to 384 microplate by 12ch nozzle head.
  • Stackers are equipped for the plates(Microplates 20pcs, Deepwell plates 5pcs) and rack tips(5pcs).
  • Preventing from precipitation like latex beads reagents by the optional stirring unit installable within the reservoir.
  • Bar code reader is available as an option.
  • Up to 100 test sequences can be registered and stored in memory.
  • Compatibility with WINDOWS®7/8/8.1(32/64bit)/10(64bit)
【Feature 1】Replaceable dispensing head

The NSP-7000Ⅳ comes with a standard 200µL nozzle. It can be replaced by either 30µL, 300µL or 1000µL nozzle unit. 8 channel nozzle unit and Cleaning nozzle unit are also available as an option.The 12ch head is compatible with 384 wells as well as 96wells.

Standard ・200μL×12ch
Option ・30μL×12ch
【Feature 2】 Easily accessible reservoir

Drawer allows for easy access to reservoirs. Reservoirs can be replaced by plates.

【Feature 3】Simple operation by touch panel

Operations by the touch panel can be done after registering programs in the machine by the initial setting. No PC connection needed.

【Feature 4】Stirring function convenient for condensation methods *option

The plate stirs within the reservoir avoiding precipitation. Operation settings can be configured in the touch panel.

【Feature 5】Equipped with bar code reader *option

Control of dispensing system can be automated by reading bar code attached on microplates.

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