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Cost per performance workstation

Perfect for automation of small scaled application

Possible to support a various liquid handling parameters

Multi-CHOT TM is new desk-top sized liquid handling tool with newly designed multi-purpose base unit and much kind of accessories. This is the easy handling small workstation for anybody, anyplace and anytime.

There is no necessity to make an investment in many specifications of a huge workstation which is never use forever.

NICHIRYO Multi-CHOT is the best selection for small scaled application and no need to appropriate a big budget for a huge liquid handling workstation.

Multi-CHOT is the innovative small workstation in recent liquid handling market which have very little option but to select a huge workstation. Multi-CHOT is the compact liquid handling tool, space saving and budget saving tool.

  • The unified Vessel adapter and the multi position work deck
    The combination of the unified Vessel adapter and the multi position deck is the fundamental method to put all vessels and labware on the working area. All NICHIRYO racks, disposable tips, reservoirs and normal vessels like as a microplate and deep-well plate can place on the vessel adapter. For other integrated equipment like as shaker and vacuum pump, we can provide a large vessel adapter as an option.
    Also these newly designed adapters and work deck are link with NSS-Prep software to make a protocol easily.
  • Interchangeable dispense heads
    200ul single dispense head for disposable tip is installed as a standard option. The variation of interchangeable dispense heads are single disposable tip head (30ul, 1000ul and 200ul 8 channel) and single washable nozzle head.
    You can setup a configuration of dispense head by NSS-Prep software.
  • output connectors for integrate equipment
    There are two output connectors at the side panel to connect an integrate equipment such as a microplate shaker and a vacuum pump for special application use. The output voltage relies on the main power voltage.
  • No need PC assistance, one protocol can be stored in Multi-CHOT
    No need PC handling for Multi-CHOT system for daily fixed operation.
    One protocol can be stored in the memory of Multi-CHOT and then be able to run by the startbutton.