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Nichi Mart

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Various preparation can be managed such as sample dispensing, reagent handling, dilution and etc.

  • Two of 5 different nozzle modules can be selected.
  • High ratio of dilution is possible by selecting two different volume range modules.
  • High throughput dilution handling is possible by selecting fixed and tip nozzle modules.
  • Various preparations can be managed such as sample dispensing, reagent handling, dilution and etc.
  • Liquid level sensing function can detect sample existence, blockage, or other various errors.
  • Work station software called "NichiMaster" is coming with NichiMart to handle various applications.
Feature1   Feature2
Feature1   Feature2
Z-axis for each module can be controlled individually.
Ex. Each sample of different volume of liquid level sensing can be detected automatically.
  Nozzle pitch for two modules can be varied to suit well pitch or tube pitch.
Feature3   Feature4
Feature3   Feature4
Different functions can be dispatched to each module by selecting fixed and tip nozzle modules such as "sample dispensing" and "buffer dispensing".   Selection of 1200ul long-tip and 200ul tip can manage separate volume ranges which may be nessesary for sample dispensing and reagent handling.
Work station software "NichiMaster"  
  • NichiMaster is contained as standard component of NichiMart.
  • GUI software provides easy protocol programing.
  • Original design of plates or containers can be designed and registered.
  • Various errors can be managed by real time interface control.

    Ex. It can detect shortage of sample volume or clot.

  • Picking can be controlled due to downloading from outer source.

    Ex. Cherry picking.