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Compact size Dispensing workstation NichiMart CUBE

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Compact size, ideal for automation of small applications.

  • Replaceable dispensing nozzle sets can be used for various purposes.It is also possible to exchange to a multichannel nozzle unit as an option.
  • Two types of dispensing methods, the disposable tip and the cleaning type nozzle unit are possible.
  • NichiMasterCUBE, software for creating protocols and system adjustments, is included as standard accessories.
  • With the multi-position deck linked with software, it is easy to create and modify protocols by intuitive operation.
  • Error handling functions such as detections of liquid level and clogging are installed.
  • I/O port for external devices connection is equipped.
  • It corresponds to 384 well plate dispensing.
    Disposable tips to be used have compatibility with other Nichiryo products.
  • Compatibility with WINDOWS®7/8/8.1(32/64bit)/10(64bit)

software for creating protocols

【Feature 1】 Protocols can be fully created and modified without restriction

The NIchimart CUBE with software for creating protocols.
Protocols can be easily created and modified by combining vessel adaptors with multiple positions in the work deck. When the container is placed at the specified position on the work deck, it instantly determined the coordinates.
In addition to various microplates, non-standard containers can be additionally registered.

*Needs to be connected with PC. No memory functions incorporated on the main body.

【Feature 2】 Detection of liquid level and liquid clogging

Liquid level and clogging can be detected by real time communication control with an error message.

【Feature 3】 Replaceable nozzle sets

The Nichimart CUBE comes with a standard 200µL nozzle. It can be replaced by either 30µL, 1000µL or 1200µL nozzle unit. 8 channel nozzle unit and Cleaning nozzle unit are also available as an option.

Standard ・200μL nozzle unit
Option ・30μL nozzle unit
・1000μL nozzle unit
・1200μL nozzle unit
・8channel unit (220μL)
・Cleaning nozzle unit
   1) Syringe type pump unit
   2) Single cleaning probe
   3) Wash ball
*3 Necessary items as a set available for using cleaning nozzle.
【Feature 4】 Equipped with I/O port for external device connection

Standard built-in I/O port, on/off of external devices such as plate shaker, plate heater and vacuum pump, etc. can be controlled. By this feature, various applications can be automated. It also supports serial communication control RS-232C as an option.

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