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Premium Tip

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Dimensional drawing
  • The fine design and finishing of the top of the tips reduce the surface tension of liquid and ensure the tip to be residue free.
  • The excellent sealing and discharge ability enable high accuracy of pipetting.
  • Chemical and heat resistant, for which the advanced material “Highly purified polypropylene” is used.
  • Fully autoclavable(121℃ for 20 minutes). Racks can be autoclaved as well. (*Exceeding the recommended standard for autoclaving may cause deformities.)
  • The tips being able to be attached directly from the racks avoids dirt and dust from getting in, thus rising the efficiency of the operations.
  • D Nase/RNase free (excludes BMT2-X,Z)
  • UV resistant.
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