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Nichipet EXⅡ MULTI

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Nichipet EXⅡ MULTI NEW Multi-Channel pipette debut as Nichipet EXⅡ series. Reduced the weight up to 30% of that of the conventional products. Reduced fatigue for pipetting.

Lock mechanism
Glass-made counter window
Body 1
Body 2

Reduced the weight up to 30%

  • Reduced fatigue for pipetting compared with the conventional products * in-house comparison

Easy maintenance

  • New function provides the maintenance easily * in-house comparison

Reduced ejector load

  • Improved operability by one-hand ejection remarkably * in-house comparison

Strong material for UV resistance

  • This will not be worn out within the clean bench work
  • Suitable for culture work in clean bench

Fully autoclavable (121˚C for 20 minutes)

  • Easy sterilization process

Lock mechanism for volume setting

  • It minimizes the lever shifting and avoids drifting of volume setting during pipetting.

Durable body

  • Material used has high tolerance to solvents and to drop impact.

4 sizes (V, S, L, K) covering wide volume range from 0.5 to 300µL

Revolving handle (360˚) to fixate convenient position in pipetting

  • Suitable for dispensing to 96 well micro plates
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