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  • DreamBank?
  • How to be a Dream Bank member.
  • How to earn points
  • How to redeem points
  • Dream Bank support

What is the Dream Bank?

You can visit own member page to see Dream Bank point summary, to add your point, to redeem Nichiryo items and to receive other various services. In addition, you can receive member campaign information and other special message from Nichiryo.

Dream Bank support
Dream Bank support

What are benefits of the Dream Bank?

Points redemption

You can get free items from wide range of selections by redeeming Dream Bank points.

Items redeemable by Dream Bank points

Mail magazine

You can receive member e-mails fom Nichiryo for special information or member campaigns.

How to log in to the Dream Bank

To log in the dream bank, please click dream bank icon on the upper right of the top page.

①For new members If you already registered, please enter your ID and password to log in.

②For members For new members, please fill in the following form and click "Register".