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Smooth operation

Come back as more silent system

Small foot-print design

Compact design for desk top operation

Simple keypad operation

No PC requirement

NSP-7000R is the compact liquid sampling system for desk top operation.

NSP-7000R is more silent and smooth than past best seller model NSP-7000.

This is the perfect system for microplate operation such as reagent dispensing, sample dispensing, serial dilution and on-plate transferring.

  • The new disposable tips are replaced automatically to ensure no carry-over operation.
  • High speed and safety operation with good accuracy and precision.
  • 3 positions sliding work stage accepts disposable tip rack, reagent reservoir and microplate in 8ch or 12ch way.
  • Compact design for desk top operation.
  • No PC requirement, the built-in keypad panel is designed for easy programming and operation.
    There are five variable dispensing modes.

    Mode 2:Reagent dispensing

    The reagent can be transferred to a labware in a row of wells from a vessel for one time dispensing.

    Mode 3:Continuous dispensing of reagents and samples.

    The reagent can be transferred to a labware in multiple wells for sequential dispensing.

    Mode 4:Serial dilution

    Perform serial dilution in almost any ratio.
    Perform serial dilutions either 8 wells across or 12 well across.

    Mode 5:Plate to plate transfer of samples

    Transfer samples to or from microplates to an assay plate.
    Perform replica plating.

    Mode 6:On-plate transfer (moving within the same plate)

    Pick-up and dispensing in a row one after another on the same labware at the mixing stage

  • Link files for complex liquid handling requirement by Mode 7. (maximum 100 files)
  • Easy to call the saved protocol to operate from memory.
  • Wide volume range of 10 - 220ul in increments of1ul.
  • Perfect for examination of HIV and HCV by condensation method and ELIZA method.
  • Microplate mixer installed as standard option.
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