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NSP-7000 III

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Product name Description
NSP-7000Ⅲ System Sliding work stage, 220ul x 12ch nozzle head, 4 stackers,
Waste liquid pump-out, Y-drive and software
Automatic reagent supply system Optional pump unit for automatic reagent supply form outside
Optional nozzle head 220ul x 12ch for disposable tip
30ul x 12ch for disposable tip
30ul x 24ch for disposable tip
1000ul x 12ch for disposable tip
Dimension Dimension to Install 1210mm(W) x 480mm(D) x 720mm (H) without PC
1450 mm(W) x 560(D) x 770mm (H)
Weight Approx. 77kg (without PC)
Usable tips NICHIRYO tips for robotic system HT series
Usable microplates SBS standard 96 well or 384 well.
( for deep-well plate or mini-tube plate, please contact us)
Nozzle head 220ul x 12ch (normal option)
Optional heads : 30ul x 12ch, 30ul x 24ch, 1000ul x 12ch
(The 24ch nozzle head is only for 384 well operation)
Sampling volume (warranty range) (Setting is available from 1ul) 220ul head : 10 - 220ul
30ul head : 3 - 30ul
1000ul head : 100 - 1000ul
Accuracy and CV 220ul head : ±2.8% AC, ≦2.8% CV (10ul)&±0.8% AC, ≦0.8% CV at 220ul
30ul head : ±3.9% AC, ≦3.4% CV (3ul)&±1.4% AC, ≦1.2% CV at 30ul
1000ul head : ±2.0% AC, ≦2.0% CV (100ul)&±0.9% AC, ≦0.4% CV at 1000ul
Working stage 5 positions :Tip rack, Reservoir (30mlx4 containers), Waste container, Microplatex2
Liquid surface sensing Pressure sensor
Dispensing speed 1 microplate dispensing 100ul with 12ch head - approx. >60 sec.
Outer door Acrylic glass door with door switch for safety.
Stacker magazine's
For microplate stacker : 20 micro plates or 5 deep-well plates
For tip rack stacker : 5 tip racks
Power source 100 - 240V AC 50/60Hz 0.1kW (100V)
PC spec WINDOWS®98/Me/XP/2000 (English version recommended)
CPU : Higher than Pentium®, more than 64MB memory
CD-ROM and FD drive, RS232C D-sub 9pin serial port

※Specification is subject to change without notice.

Tip for robot system

Cat. No Name Volume Contents
00-HT-FS Bulk tip for robotic system 10~220 1000
00-HT-FSR Racked tip for robotic system 960
00-HT-FSRB Racked tip for robotic system(sterilized) 960
00-HT-F30R Racked tip for robotic system 3~30 3840
00-HT-F30RB Racked tip for robotic system(sterilized) 3840
00-HT-KL Bulk tip for robotic system 100~1000 1000
00-HT-KLR Racked tip for robotic system 960
00-HT-KLRB Racked tip for robotic system(sterilized) 960
00-NSP-RSV 4 tray reservoir 1
00-NSP-RSV-NF Tray for reservoir 4
00-NSP-RSV80 Large volume reservoir(without frame) 50

※Large volume reservoir(without frame)

※Pentium is the trademark of Intel company.