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2011.6.27 Updated From China

How about walking in the town of China early in the morning?

Welcome to our Nichiryo web sit, especially "World Topics.” This is the 4th mail-magazine.

I sometimes go Beijing, China by business trip. I spend all day long in the factory. But I enjoy walking around hotel in an early morning. Every time I find full of many stimuli.

The town market is open from very early morning, a heaping helping of vegetables, colorful vegetables have not seen in Japan, meat, fish, and fresh fruit are on display to sell. Beside the market, the people gathered and having breakfast in the stalls. Rice porridge and fried bread are popular.

I think the town of China has many green parks have been developed here and there. From a few to several dozen people enjoy themselves doing the famous Tai Chi, dance with a variety of tools, like imitation sword and colorful fan. They’re kind of constitutional for them.

I saw many type of excersises but I found interesting one called "Chenzu."

The only need is something like “shuttlecock.” It is made of some coin-shaped metal with big colorful feathers. Becomes a circle with several people, this feather not to drop to the ground, and continue to play a pass to colleagues around the kicking feet. Say in football, "lifting" or traditional “kemari” in Japan. Some people are in a competition doing this just like playing badminton.

I saw various age groups of people, children, youth, and ladies are doing, kicking this. I was surprised ladies in my mother's age, are kicking side of instep, leg in the heel deftly. I felt this sport is very popular in a wide age group.

I recommend traveling China. It’s interesting. In case you will go, I strongly recommend waiking up early and walking around your hotel. I’m sure you will find exciting life in China.