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2011.2.25 Updated From Dubai

We would like to show you a report from our employee who visited Arab Health 2011.

We have received a lot of favorable responses for our World Topics so far. This is vol. 3rd Nichiryo’s World Topics. In this time, we would like to show you a report from our employee who visited Arab Health 2011.

Arab Health 2011

The Arab Health 2011 has taken place at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre in UAE from January 24 through 27. The Arab Health is the largest medical show in Middle East and Africa regions participated by many companies from all over the world including Japanese major companies. We, Nichiryo, also participated the show with our partner in UAE since we focus on these regions as one of remarkable growth markets. The show were divided into a few portions that one is for large equipment such as MRIs, monitors, ventilators and etc, and one is for various country sections supported by each government, and one is for lab science device portion which we exhibited. It is obvious that many visitors are coming and some stands were even located in outer hall that tells me many people are focusing on this show.

Followings are some photos that I took.

Dubai Topic

Thank you very much for your visiting to our web-site. This time, we will show you useful information about Dubai. What comes up with your mind about Dubai? camels? deserts? fancy hotel where David Beckham stayed? the tallest skyscraper? fountain show? But one of definite activities in travel should be shopping, so that let me show you two of giant shopping malls in Dubai. There are two well known malls in Dubai, one is Dubai mall and the other one is Mall of the Emirates (MOE). Both malls can be accessed by RTA (Dubai Metro) and names of stations are same as the malls, especially MOE is connected with the stations so that you do not have to go out. Following photos are from Dubai Mall located close to the world tallest building Burj Khalifa. It has three stories on upper ground and round shape structure leads you to return where you start with without knowing it. Wide variety of shops from well known brands to local needs are there. I would say there are a lot more varieties than ones we can find in Western countries, and surprisingly there are even an aquarium and a skating link in the mall. The other mall, MOE, is also very huge. But this one has 2 stories and long rectangle shape. What you can find here would be same as Dubai Mall, but much more surprisingly there is indoor ski mountain. Can you believe you can ski in Dubai? It is not sand ski. You can ski on real snow.