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2011.1.6 Updated From Tokyo Main Office

As you can guess, this time we would like to show you customer visit report from our sales team in Tokyo, Japan.

Customer visited in this time is teaching lab. for otolaryngology at medical div. of Shinsyu Univ.

located in Nagano Prefecture where the 1998 winter Olympic game is held.

Many trees in the university are turned to beautiful red at time of the visit as you can see following photos.

In their lab., various brands including Nichiryo are being used. They have recently introduced our new Premium pipette, and told us that they are quite happy with that. Please look at photos for their lab.

We would really appreciate Shinsyu univ. to allow us to put the photos on this web-site.

At the same visit, our sales visited next pref. called Yamanashi. Nagano and Yamanashi are very popular places for tourists to visit since there are various activities. One of them would obviously be attractive local food. So let us show you some of Nichiryo recommendations!!

The first one should surely be Soba, Japanese buckwheat noodle. There is one Soba restaurant called "Miyama" in Utsukushigahara Onsen. At Miyama, we saw many customers order "set". Without knowing what it is, our sales also ordered "set". When it comes, it was set of Soba and Ramen, which is another type of noodle dish. Having different two types noodle in one time may be weird. But, unexpectedly it was good.

In Yamanashi, typical activities would be to visit Sounkyo or Takeda shrine, or to eat Houtou or various fruits.

But this time, we would like to show you a mysterious place called "Hottarakashi Onsen".

Hottarakashi Onsen is located close to "Fuefukikawa Fruit Park" in Kofu city, where we can look over whole Kofu city from there especially night view is awesome.

I heard from my friend that it is not only good hot spring but also its breakfast is great. So please visit and stay there if you get chance to visit Kofu.

There is another recommended food in Kofu so-called "Torimotsuni" which is made of various chickin organs based on soy sause. Torimotsuni has been awarded the first place from Japanese popular cooking grand prix to create unique style of local dish. There are many places in Kofu that you can have "Torimotsuni". So please try it!!